Color Grading along with FCPX Colorist in Final Cut Pro X

Modular Colour Grading Tools

Each FCPX Colorist Device installs straight into Final Cut Pro X like a separate filter in the Final Cut Pro X Results library. This specific modular set-up permits users to always be able to stack, combine and also re-arrange multiple filters on their particular footage to always be able to accomplish endless looks.

Custom Curves inside Final Cut Pro X

FCPX Colorist introduces curve color correcting to Final Cut Pro X. the Custom Curves tool enables customers to always be able to alter a dark tone along with hue of his or her image along the Red, Blue and Green color channels. Curves can be utilized to colour balance an image, create high-dynamic looks, control light clipping as well as modify contrast.

Primary along with balance Colors

The Main and balance color equipment permits customers in order to modify the hue of their own image depending on exposure. The Particular primary Device controls your Lift, Gamma as well as Gain; while the balance Device adjusts the Shadows, Mid-tones as well as Highlights.

Hue-Hue Colour Adjustments

The Hue-Hue Device allows Final Cut Pro X users to be able to isolate a specific color range inside their image and alter the hue of it. Through skin tones in order to eye colors, users can use this instrument in order to appropriate along with grade a particular range of the colour spectrum inside their image.


The Hue-Saturation device allows Final Cut Pro X users to become able Final Cut Pro X Effects to increase or reduce the saturation to obtain a particular color range such as in zero way before. This particular device can be used to generate stylized looks just like the Sin Town effect, where it can be most totally grayscale except pertaining to reds.

Create and Conserve Custom Presets

The Hue-Saturation tool enables Colorist customers for you to increase or perhaps slow up the saturation to acquire a specific FCPX Plugins colour range. This kind of instrument can be used to generate stylized looks like the Sin Area effect, in which it is actually almost all totally monochrome except regarding reds.